ITECS Services

To help firms capitalize on these government opportunities, ITECS works with clients to create a customized plan. We start by understanding your firm’s growth and technology objectives, developing a strategy to best achieve these objectives either by identifying funding sources or government market opportunities and then forming the right team with experience and access to the appropriate government agencies to bring you and the government together to achieve your goals. There are government funding opportunities at both the state and federal level. ITECS can help you identify the right funding sources and improve your chances of obtaining the capital you need to grow your business.

Our results-oriented approach relies on our experience and relationships with 85 percent of congressional offices and 70 percent of the 257 agency laboratories. Leveraging these relationships, ITECS has captured more than $100M in government funding for clients and $500M in product sales.

-Service Contracts

With our service contract offering, clients invest monthly to qualify as many opportunities as possible with the government. We constantly monitor congressional and agency initiatives, trolling to identify opportunities that are possible fits with your company. Then, building on our experience leveraging government funding and launching new products, we evaluate the possibility of success with each opportunity and qualify those that seem promising, minimizing your risk prior to pursuing funding. We then help you create a strategic plan to secure funding in qualified opportunities.  We can also extend the plan to include strategies for getting the technology to market quickly. With our experience and understanding of codes, regulations, and tax incentives as they apply to your technology, we mitigate risks, accelerate your product launch, and increase market penetration.

-Proposal Writing/ Proposal Management

ITECS has a winning track record, expertise in capturing state-federal funding, and a proprietary process to help cultivate a differentiated value proposition. Our success rate is over 70%. We also grant access to key decision-makers prior to proposal submission to increase the probability of success by addressing issues before they become problems. ITECS functions as a project manager by coordinating the collaboration among various internal and external experts to collect information, maintaining consistency, and keeping the process on track to meet vigorous government deadlines. Whether you need us to write your government funding proposal or just manage the process, ITECS’ experience and understanding of the aggressive nature of proposal submissions will give your company the competitive edge it needs to draft and submit a winning proposal. At ITECS, we understand the complexities and extremely competitive nature of the research proposal writing process. We combine our expertise in identifying, validating, and positioning technologies with our ability to manage a complex collaboration of different universities, disciplines, and partnerships. The result is improved opportunity for success because you’ve developed a winning proposal and less time required by your Principal Investigator to manage the process.


As with most things, oftentimes success is linked to who you know or who they know. Tap into ITECS’ extensive network of government agencies to give your project the best chance at moving forward. ITECS has relationships with 85 percent of congressional offices and reaches into 70 percent of the 257 agency laboratories. We connect you with the right people–key  government decision-makers–at all levels of government. ITECS presents a cost-effective solution for smaller companies trying to get their technology projects to market and, with our extensive experience launching new products with government funding, we’re able to honestly evaluate your project’s potential success.