Welcome to ITECS Insider, a blog run by ITECS Innovative Consulting. The purpose of ITECS insider is to provide our clients and visitors with up-to-date information and funding opportunities from federal and state agencies.

ITECS Innovative Consulting is a technical marketing company that can help your company secure government funding to grow your business with lower risk. We provide a solution to increase your market competitiveness by leveraging the government as a funding source and a customer. Whether you want to develop a new technology, expand the market for your existing technology or are looking for capital funding to upgrade your manufacturing plant, there have never been more opportunities to take advantage of government funding initiatives.   ITECS identifies ways our clients can capitalize on untapped federal and state government funding to extend research capabilities, increase revenue generation, and expedite new products to the marketplace. We give our clients a competitive edge by tapping into our expertise in developing strategies to leverage the government, including assistance with proposal and grant writing, as well as access to the right people at various government agencies to get your projects to the forefront of the decision process.

To help firms capitalize on these government opportunities, ITECS works with clients to create a customized plan. We start by understanding your firm’s growth and technology objectives, developing a strategy to best achieve these objectives either by identifying funding sources or government market opportunities and then forming the right team with experience and access to the appropriate government agencies to bring you and the government together to achieve your goals. There are government funding opportunities at both the state and federal level. ITECS can help you identify the right funding sources and improve your chances of obtaining the capital you need to grow your business.

Our results-oriented approach relies on our experience and relationships with 85 percent of congressional offices and 70 percent of the 257 agency laboratories. Leveraging these relationships, ITECS has captured more than $240M in government funding for clients and $500M in product sales.